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You win some…

Hello friends! If you are reading this post, then it means you haven’t lost faith in my blogging endeavor despite my embarrassingly long, unplanned hiatus, and for that I am forever grateful 🙂

I was going to write something here about how I have just been soooo busyyy this semester, and that’s why you haven’t seen any new blog posts recently.

But the idea of being “too busy” for something is such a cop-out. Even more than a cop-out, being “too busy” is, well, a lie. Busy is a choice that we make.

It isn’t that I was too busy to post anything on the blog this semester. It’s just that I prioritized other things. Some of these things I’m glad I prioritized: schoolwork, my job, my relationships, exercise. Other things, not so much: time spent needlessly stressing, trying to complete assignments perfectly, and watching bad TV.

What I find to be particularly helpful in banishing my idea of myself as a busy person is to articulate my choices very clearly to myself. For example, instead of telling myself that I am “too busy” to, let’s say, exercise today, I’ll say, “studying for this test is more important to me than exercising”. Or, depending on the circumstances, “watching this TV show is more important to me than exercising”.

This is honest. Honesty is not always fun.

BUT it absolutely does help me make intentional decisions about how I want to spend my time. Which makes me feel like a grown up…

…for about three seconds until I realize that my inbox is filled with month-old messages that I have yet to respond to. Growing up is a work in progress.

Anyhow. The point of all of this was that I am practicing being as intentional (and honest) as possible about the decisions that I make every single day. Which should lead to more blogging and less bad TV. A win-win.

Please check back soon for updates on upcoming ADVENTURES!!

Picking kumquats. I would definitely classify this as a priority.

Picking kumquats. I would definitely classify this as a priority.

Is there anything that you want to cut out of your life to become less “busy”? 



Link Lovin’ (Or, Resources for when you find yourself camera-less, hip, or otherwise in a pickle). – THE BEST ESSAY ON HIPSTERS I HAVE EVER READ. I was originally searching for a different Daily Zen link that I read earlier in the week, but I stumbled across this one and couldn’t resist putting it up here. Not only is it a refreshing change of the list-format variations on “20 Reasons Why Hipsters Suck” or “10 Reasons I am Cooler than You” – it actually offers a really unique take on the whole phenomenon – but it is also funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Read this, and then go read all of the other posts on this blog. – A really nice guide to taking photos with your iPhone! I don’t have a fancy camera, as much as I have been lusting over one. This article was a great reminder that good photography is a matter of composition and technique, not the product of an expensive camera. Which brings me to… – I really need to post this on my mirror as a daily reminder. Or maybe just get it tattooed on myself. How many times have I done this?! Too many. – A funny and insightful reminder to play more and worry less! – Beer for dessert? Um. Yes. Also, tucked in the middle of this article is a little gem of a link. It tells you how to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener. This is going to save me from breaking countless countertops and/or my hand. Yay!! – This makes me so happy. People like this make me happy. I signed up (really!).

A Yoga Challenge!

Most important part of the yoga challenge is the post-yoga snack!

Most important part of the yoga challenge is the post-yoga snack!

It’s right about now that the excitement of the holidays begins to wear off and all the sparkly things are put away and everything is no longer pumpkin or peppermint flavored (side note: I don’t understand why there aren’t pumpkin and peppermint flavored things all year long. Who doesn’t love pumpkin and peppermint?!)

And also because soon, we’ll be seeing brightly colored bikinis and pretty pastel nail polish and white sundresses and floppy straw hats and coral lip-gloss everywhere. This will carry us all the way through spring break and summer.

And then we will once again meet with pumpkin spice and muted colors and sophisticated glitter.

But right now, there isn’t really anything that we, as a society, are anticipating. New Year’s resolutions are starting to dissolve into the chaos that is Real Life and spring break is far, far away.  

This seems like bad news. One of my professors once said that February is the worst month; it’s full of a lot of work and there aren’t any holidays or distractions to break it up.

But this is actually good news! Because this is the time that we are free from distractions to evaluate our lives, and evaluate whether we are content when there isn’t a whole lot of excitement. There’s time for self-reflection.

There is also time for… yoga! (That whole preamble leading up to “yoga!!!” was relevant in exactly zero ways. I’m sorry for that.)  Continue reading

A “Green” Smoothie (Or, what to do when things don’t turn out as expected).

Hi everybody!

Today for breakfast I decided to partake in the green smoothie trend. I didn’t have almond milk or kale on hand, which most green smoothie recipes call for, so I just decided to make it up as I went along! And it ended up being pretty tasty, so I decided to share it here (you can find the recipe at the bottom of this post). My “green” smoothie is a blend of bright fruit and OJ, fresh spinach, and peppery parsley. It’s sweet and herbal.

I call this a “green” smoothie because, while it contains plenty of healthy leafy greens, it is an unfortunate brown color (this is why I didn’t post a photo). In my smoothie-making adventures, I somehow failed to achieve that beautiful emerald hue that food bloggers everywhere have down pat. You know the one I’m talking about- it makes you think of fresh-cut grass and homegrown basil and budding spring leaves and sunshine and happiness.

It’s okay. There’s an upside to this.

If people ask what you’re drinking, you can tell them it’s a chocolate milkshake, and they will walk away in awe, wondering how you manage to drink chocolate milkshakes for breakfast and maintain that svelte body.

Not that I have a svelte body. Moving on.

Speaking of smoothies, I love love love this whole foods info-graphic! It’s great because it provides a basic smoothie template, making it really easy to make do with what you already have in your fridge (ironically, this actually makes it easier for me to not go out and feel the need to spend $17162 on smoothie ingredients at Whole Foods. So that’s good).


Graphic courtesy of Whole Foods.

This info-graphic is from the Whole Foods Healthy Eating handbook, which you can find here.

And finally, here is the recipe!  Continue reading


What’s making me happy today: the fam.

As much as they drive me nuts sometimes, I really do love spending time with them! It’s been a long while since I’ve spent this much time at home, and I appreciate the familiarity and the calm that comes along with that. As we, new adults (!!), venture off into this crazy complicated world, distance can grow between us and our families and our best friends (our adopted families!) who we grew up with.

So today, make an extra effort to close that gap a little! Tell your mom how much you love her and tell your brother what a knucklehead he is. Send your dad a funny e-mail, and call your sister. Send your best friend a care package.

Here’s to the love that holds our beautiful world together!



What’s making you happy today? 

Sometimes all it takes is oatmeal.

Hi everybody!

So, I lied. Today will, once again, be a light blogging day, unlike what I promised yesterday. This is because I hit a little road bump when I was doing my summer applications.

I was doing really well getting through all of my apps until this morning. And then I had a slight hiccup.

Meaning I had a full-blown existential, what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life, worried about the state of humanity crisis. I started writing a novel. I debated becoming a rockstar. I decided I already was a rockstar and then cried a little while watching Netflix.

But since we’re all adults around here, we man up and deal with the situation. Here’s how:

  1.  Decide to quit real life and become an arctic explorer. Research arctic exploration jobs for 5-plus hours.
  2. Oatmeal!


Maybe some of you are smart enough just to skip right to the second step. You probably are. Is this what becoming an adult means?

Continue reading

A Yoga Dilemma and Pistachio Cookies.

What’s making me happy today: tea + yoga. (I couldn’t decide what to do first, drink my tea or do yoga, so I just sat on my yoga mat with my tea for a little bit until I decided).


Also. These dark chocolate, pistachio, and smoked sea salt cookies from Joy the Baker are just so good. (I used regular sea salt instead of smoked sea salt because as much as I would love to be that fancy, I am a poor college student). These cookies are a little crunchier than a normal chocolate chip cookie, but in this heavenly way where there are crisp pockets of caramelized sugar on the inside of the cookie that melt on your tongue.

I know that description made zero sense, so you should just make them to see what I’m talking about.


I hope you have a great start to your week!

What’s making you happy today? Any awesome cookie recipes to share?!

Be Like a Jellyfish.

What’s making me happy today: these little guys!



Isn’t it so amazing that these creatures even EXIST?! They light up like the most beautiful, delicate little lightbulbs. It’s magical!

Today, remember what an absolute miracle you are. Our bodies and minds are so amazing!

Keep on floating on!

What’s Making me Happy Today: A Reminder to Chase Your Dreams.

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.

-T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom 

Here are the dreams that I have been chasing today, and what I’ve been doing to chase them:

1) I have been blogging to achieve my dream of having a creative outlet that keeps me grounded and reminds me of my responsibility to be kind to myself and the planet.

2) I ran 3 miles- another step along the way to training for a 10k (more details on that later!).

3) I have been filling out applications for a summer internship. This is an immediate step towards my long term goal of finding a career through which I can do good and put my skills to their best use. I’m applying for several sort of hybrid math/environmental programs and internships, which I’m really excited about!

One of my dreams is to build bridges and buildings that are sustainable and exist in harmony with nature.

One of my dreams is to build bridges and buildings that are sustainable and exist in harmony with nature.

What dreams are you chasing today?