Hi there!

Welcome to A Pickle A Day! My name is Susannah. I am a 20-year-old college student, born and raised in Houston, TX and currently living in Claremont, CA. This blog is a way for me to share my passion for adventure, health, happiness, and sustainable living. I am by no means an expert on these subjects- in fact, I am a beginner! This means that I’m doing a lot of research and experimentation. And that means that I can pass all of my findings along to you! I hope you’ll pull up a beanbag and peruse my blog if you’re interested in adventuring along with me.

^That's me!

^That’s me!

The name. 

The name “A Pickle A Day” doesn’t actually have anything to do with the crunchy little green things that you put on sandwiches. Although I do love those and will happily eat one (or 10) per day.

I named my blog “A Pickle A Day” to reflect my love of adventuring! Let me explain: I think that if I find myself “in a pickle” at least once per day, I am doing something right in life! When you are in a situation that pushes you outside of your comfort zone, you are pushing yourself to learn and grow and become a better person! (Please note: I mean this within reason! I am talking about things like: singing karaoke, giving a presentation in front of a large group, learning a new language, traveling and feeling a little bit lost. I am NOT advocating any dangerous or risky behavior!).

So, I love to look at the “pickles” that I tend to get myself in as awesome learning opportunities and adventures! I hope to share these experiences with you on my blog.

Here are some of the pickles that I have found myself in recently:

  1. Learning Russian. Let’s call this one a recurring pickle. Because no matter how far I think I’ve come, there is always some word that I won’t be able to articulate or understand, or some case ending that slipped my mind. (Pro tip: smiling and nodding really goes far. It’s no substitute for actually speaking and understanding, but people will at least get the idea that you are generally friendly and intelligent.) But learning about Russia’s language and culture is something that I will never, ever tire of- it constantly fascinates me!

    Don't feel too sorry for me because learning Russian means that I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people... and drink Baltica!

    Don’t feel too sorry for me because learning Russian means that I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people… and drink Baltica!

  2. Traveling to Georgia… who knew that they speak Georgian?! Last January, I decided to make a trip to Georgia happen. It was great! The people there are super friendly and hospitable, and the food couldn’t be better. And my host family was absolutely lovely! I hope to go back sometime soon. However. I sort of just assumed that people would speak Russian, Georgia being a post-Soviet nation and all. Nope! I couldn’t understand a word of it. Except yes! I learned how to say yes. And hello. Again: smiling and nodding will get you far.

    The mountains are so beautiful!


    Tbilisi skyline!

  3. Transferring to a new college. I wrote about this in my very first blog post! I love love love my new school.

    I like California.

    I like California.

  4. Deciding to major in math. Math can be hard. I waffled for a very long time between just majoring in Russian and majoring in both math and Russian. I picked the latter! I got pretty discouraged at the beginning of this semester from one of my math classes (it was all proof-based, and I am a practical kind of girl, so it wasn’t my favorite). But I stuck it out, and I realized how much I really do love it! Once I started getting into the upper-level math courses, I realized just how much you can do with it- build bridges, model neurons and understand that their behavior is similar to that of the stock market (cool right?!), model population growth, and even predict the weather! I’m glad I chose to tack on the math major, because I think it will give me the tools I need to make a difference in this world.. somehow!


    I should give credit where it’s due. I would never make it through a math major without one of these every so often.

  5. Teaching myself how to run. I have never really liked running all that much. I was a swimmer from when I was tiny until I was seventeen. After that, I was briefly on my college’s crew team. Running, to me, has always been that annoying cross-training thing that you have to do so that your coaches don’t yell at you. But last summer, I lived in DC. And if you have ever been near that area, you will probably know that gym memberships are ridiculously expensive. So, I begrudgingly took up running. And I actually started to kind of like it! What I find hardest about running is, well, not stopping. It’s so easy and tempting to just take a quick walking break… that turns into a long walking break. With other forms of exercise, there is usually some sort of distraction or external motivation. Swimming, for example, is usually done in a team setting. But with running, it’s just you and the road. It really tests your mental resolve. But that’s an awesome practice, building up your mental strength (and, duh, your physical strength!). Each and every time that I run, I have to resist the temptation to walk as soon as I start getting tired. But it is so satisfying to see my mind and body get stronger as I do so!

    It helps to have cute running shoes :)

    It helps to have cute running shoes 🙂

Some Things.

Listing things that you like/dislike is a mandatory (did it really just take me three tries to spell “mandatory”?! Autocorrect/ spellcheck is eroding my brain….) part of the “about” section of a blog, it seems. So, here goes!

I really love strong coffee, mushrooms, farm fresh eggs, dark chocolate, borscht, the smell of tomato stems, breakfast, pretty pieces of wood, good company, blueberries, sunshine, books, Ke$ha, chess, large pots of black tea, black bread, architecture, the ocean, outdoor swimming pools, Russia, large windows, larger windowsills, math, christmas lights, swimming, good books (I’m talking masterpieces like The Golden Compass and A Constellation of Vital Phenomena), hiking (?! this is a new development!), good beer, summertime, pickles, kittens, and bridges.


I have mixed feelings about running, brunch, pop music, and snow. Running and snow because they are really great and wonderful but can be so difficult sometimes! Brunch and pop music because they have developed an icky culture around them. (I thought brunch was about eggs and waffles, not a who-has-the-worst-hangover-and-has-the-most-dishevelled-hair contest?! But I still like brunch when it is mostly about food, coffee, and lovely people).

I don’t like white chocolate. There are other things that I don’t like too but that’s the one I feel most strongly about at the moment.

If you have read this far… you’re pretty awesome. Let’s be friends.

For those of you who have made it this far into my blog… thank you for reading!! I hope you decide to stick around to read about health, happiness, sustainability, and the pickles that I constantly manage to get myself into! 🙂


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