You win some…

Hello friends! If you are reading this post, then it means you haven’t lost faith in my blogging endeavor despite my embarrassingly long, unplanned hiatus, and for that I am forever grateful 🙂

I was going to write something here about how I have just been soooo busyyy this semester, and that’s why you haven’t seen any new blog posts recently.

But the idea of being “too busy” for something is such a cop-out. Even more than a cop-out, being “too busy” is, well, a lie. Busy is a choice that we make.

It isn’t that I was too busy to post anything on the blog this semester. It’s just that I prioritized other things. Some of these things I’m glad I prioritized: schoolwork, my job, my relationships, exercise. Other things, not so much: time spent needlessly stressing, trying to complete assignments perfectly, and watching bad TV.

What I find to be particularly helpful in banishing my idea of myself as a busy person is to articulate my choices very clearly to myself. For example, instead of telling myself that I am “too busy” to, let’s say, exercise today, I’ll say, “studying for this test is more important to me than exercising”. Or, depending on the circumstances, “watching this TV show is more important to me than exercising”.

This is honest. Honesty is not always fun.

BUT it absolutely does help me make intentional decisions about how I want to spend my time. Which makes me feel like a grown up…

…for about three seconds until I realize that my inbox is filled with month-old messages that I have yet to respond to. Growing up is a work in progress.

Anyhow. The point of all of this was that I am practicing being as intentional (and honest) as possible about the decisions that I make every single day. Which should lead to more blogging and less bad TV. A win-win.

Please check back soon for updates on upcoming ADVENTURES!!

Picking kumquats. I would definitely classify this as a priority.

Picking kumquats. I would definitely classify this as a priority.

Is there anything that you want to cut out of your life to become less “busy”? 



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