PB&J Smoothie.


I want to preface this whole thing by saying: do not add too much peanut butter to your smoothie. I love peanut butter. A whole lot. I love eating it on bananas, oatmeal, celery, and yogurt, and even especially eating it straight from the jar by the spoonful (or five). What I do not enjoy is drinking peanut butter.

And if you put too much peanut butter in your smoothie, that’s exactly what will happen. Trust me on this one! I know you want your smoothie to taste peanut-y, but remember: you can always add more peanut butter. You cannot take it out.

This is tooo much peanut butter. Too much! Less is more (mostly).

This is tooo much peanut butter. Too much! Less is more (mostly).

Glad we cleared that up.

Now, it’s time to get excited about this smoothie, because it is basically heaven. It’s your favorite childhood sandwich (well, mine at least)… in smoothie form! It’s smooth, rich, creamy peanut butter meets sweet strawberry jam. It’s more like a milkshake than a smoothie.

When you set out to make a smoothie and end up with something that resembles a milkshake, you know that you’re doing well at life.

This smoothie has four basic ingredients: smooth, rich peanut butter, frozen strawberries, milk of your choice (cow, almond, soy… anything works!), and a banana. From there, you can go nuts (ha. ha. get it? Nuts! Like pea-nuts!)

I’m sorry.

But really. To that simple, four-ingredient smoothie base, I added a handful of rolled oats, a sprinkle of wheat germ, and chia seeds. This makes the smoothie extra-filling and nutritious. Win!

Here’s the recipe:

  •  ½ banana (preferably frozen)
  • 1 cup frozen berries of your choice
  • 1 tbsp. peanut butter
  • ¼ cup rolled oats
  • 2 tbsp. wheat germ
  • 1 tbsp. chia seeds
  • About 1 cup milk

Blend together and enjoy!

In other news… I am thinking about signing up for a 5k (my first ever running race)! I am waiting to do this until I get back to school and set myself up with a good running routine. I’ve been running a lot (for me…) during my break, but we all know that sticking to a workout routine is easier when there isn’t anything else going on. So, after a couple of weeks of sticking to a good routine at school, I am planning to reward myself by signing up for a race! Stay tuned for my training plan and more details!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


2 thoughts on “PB&J Smoothie.

  1. Health Room

    Looks awesome. Cashew butter is pretty great too, but i always get a bit carried away…

    Also congrats with the 5k decision, and good luck! Great to have a goal to work towards


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