Link Lovin’ (Or, Resources for when you find yourself camera-less, hip, or otherwise in a pickle). – THE BEST ESSAY ON HIPSTERS I HAVE EVER READ. I was originally searching for a different Daily Zen link that I read earlier in the week, but I stumbled across this one and couldn’t resist putting it up here. Not only is it a refreshing change of the list-format variations on “20 Reasons Why Hipsters Suck” or “10 Reasons I am Cooler than You” – it actually offers a really unique take on the whole phenomenon – but it is also funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Read this, and then go read all of the other posts on this blog. – A really nice guide to taking photos with your iPhone! I don’t have a fancy camera, as much as I have been lusting over one. This article was a great reminder that good photography is a matter of composition and technique, not the product of an expensive camera. Which brings me to… – I really need to post this on my mirror as a daily reminder. Or maybe just get it tattooed on myself. How many times have I done this?! Too many. – A funny and insightful reminder to play more and worry less! – Beer for dessert? Um. Yes. Also, tucked in the middle of this article is a little gem of a link. It tells you how to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener. This is going to save me from breaking countless countertops and/or my hand. Yay!! – This makes me so happy. People like this make me happy. I signed up (really!).


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