A Yoga Challenge!

Most important part of the yoga challenge is the post-yoga snack!

Most important part of the yoga challenge is the post-yoga snack!

It’s right about now that the excitement of the holidays begins to wear off and all the sparkly things are put away and everything is no longer pumpkin or peppermint flavored (side note: I don’t understand why there aren’t pumpkin and peppermint flavored things all year long. Who doesn’t love pumpkin and peppermint?!)

And also because soon, we’ll be seeing brightly colored bikinis and pretty pastel nail polish and white sundresses and floppy straw hats and coral lip-gloss everywhere. This will carry us all the way through spring break and summer.

And then we will once again meet with pumpkin spice and muted colors and sophisticated glitter.

But right now, there isn’t really anything that we, as a society, are anticipating. New Year’s resolutions are starting to dissolve into the chaos that is Real Life and spring break is far, far away.  

This seems like bad news. One of my professors once said that February is the worst month; it’s full of a lot of work and there aren’t any holidays or distractions to break it up.

But this is actually good news! Because this is the time that we are free from distractions to evaluate our lives, and evaluate whether we are content when there isn’t a whole lot of excitement. There’s time for self-reflection.

There is also time for… yoga! (That whole preamble leading up to “yoga!!!” was relevant in exactly zero ways. I’m sorry for that.) 

I love love love yoga! But it can really get expensive, and if I don’t have a class to show up for, I usually won’t take the initiative to do it on my own. So, I made a little challenge for myself!

Here it is: practice yoga for 20 minutes a day for an entire month. I love this challenge because it is very, very do-able. Not only is 20 minutes not a lot to begin with (and you can even break it up into two 10-minute segments!), but what constitutes “yoga” is loosely defined. You can sit on your mat for 20 minutes staring into space, or just do some gentle stretching. Or you can have a 20-minute power session that leaves you out of breath at the end! The only rules are: no external distractions (iPhone, I mean you), and no sleeping :). Okay, I’m probably the only person in the world who actually needed the no sleeping thing to be said. It’s whatever.  

I also like this challenge because not only has it made me extra bendy (sort of), it’s a good exercise in commitment and accountability to yourself and all of those good things. Plus, I am hoping that 30 days will be enough to make this a permanent habit! So far, I am in 18 days and going strong!

Happy almost Friday!

What challenge are you tackling today? 


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