A “Green” Smoothie (Or, what to do when things don’t turn out as expected).

Hi everybody!

Today for breakfast I decided to partake in the green smoothie trend. I didn’t have almond milk or kale on hand, which most green smoothie recipes call for, so I just decided to make it up as I went along! And it ended up being pretty tasty, so I decided to share it here (you can find the recipe at the bottom of this post). My “green” smoothie is a blend of bright fruit and OJ, fresh spinach, and peppery parsley. It’s sweet and herbal.

I call this a “green” smoothie because, while it contains plenty of healthy leafy greens, it is an unfortunate brown color (this is why I didn’t post a photo). In my smoothie-making adventures, I somehow failed to achieve that beautiful emerald hue that food bloggers everywhere have down pat. You know the one I’m talking about- it makes you think of fresh-cut grass and homegrown basil and budding spring leaves and sunshine and happiness.

It’s okay. There’s an upside to this.

If people ask what you’re drinking, you can tell them it’s a chocolate milkshake, and they will walk away in awe, wondering how you manage to drink chocolate milkshakes for breakfast and maintain that svelte body.

Not that I have a svelte body. Moving on.

Speaking of smoothies, I love love love this whole foods info-graphic! It’s great because it provides a basic smoothie template, making it really easy to make do with what you already have in your fridge (ironically, this actually makes it easier for me to not go out and feel the need to spend $17162 on smoothie ingredients at Whole Foods. So that’s good).


Graphic courtesy of Whole Foods.

This info-graphic is from the Whole Foods Healthy Eating handbook, which you can find here.

And finally, here is the recipe! 

Blend together ½ banana, ½ cup frozen fruit (I used cherries and blueberries, but anything works!), 1 heaping cup spinach, ½ cup fresh parsley, and about a cup of orange juice (give or take, depending on how thick you like your smoothies). Enjoy!

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

What silver linings are you finding in your day today? Or is your day just plain awesome?!


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