The Start.

I am very much a city girl. I was born and grew up in Houston, a city of 6 million (6 million!) people. I really like Starbucks and driving and the great indoors. In high school, my best friend gave me a water bottle emblazoned with the words, “I will never take this camping”. Because she thought of me immediately when she saw it.



My attitude about these types of things has changed recently.

After I finished high school, I set off for college (despite my efforts to cajole my parents into spending approximately $139841930 for me to take a gap year and save the whales). I went to a women’s college in New England. I was really geared up for it, excited to leave home and live on my own. But as I got settled in, I found that I didn’t really love it. There was a big emphasis on careerism and very little emphasis on an active, healthy lifestyle. I had always thought of myself as a career-focused woman who was going to be “successful” at all costs. I wanted to work on Wall Street, to be part of the crowd who earned and spent a lot of money. But as I immersed myself in that culture, I realized that it wasn’t for me. As I worked toward my future career “success”, I felt constantly stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. I decided that I needed to re-evaluate and make a change.

And thank goodness I did! After two years at my first college, I transferred to a college in sunny southern California. The culture at my new school is centered on happiness and healthy living, and I absolutely love being a part of it. I have also found that my career goals have shifted; I now place much more value on doing something fulfilling and positive (don’t worry- I am still being realistic in my career plans! Haven’t quit school to become a yoga teacher (yet)).


I won’t pretend I didn’t transfer partly (ok, mostly) because of California’s loveliness.

I just completed my first semester at my new school, and have spent some time reflecting on it over the winter break. Transferring from my first college made me realize- in a way that I never could have had I just gone straight to California in the first place- how important health (of both people and our beautiful planet!), happiness, and adventure are to me.

So! I am dedicating this little corner of the web to the following:

1)   Writing about sustainability and sharing practical, small steps that I am taking to give our planet the love it deserves.

2)   Sharing my health-related experiences and adventures.

3)   Discussing happiness!

I’m going to try to put an emphasis on practical advice and good suggestions. One of my favorite things about reading blogs is that they often have great ideas that inspire me to try new things. One-month challenges? Sign me up. A simple way to reduce my carbon footprint? I’m in.  Since that’s what I enjoy reading, I’ll do my best to write that way too. Oh, and also. I promise to always capitalize the first word of every sentence that I post on here. (Why is that a trend? Why is it cool? I don’t understand!)

I hope you decide to stick around!



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